What you will learn with this eBook

  • A Simple Plan

    A simple 7 day plan to help you crush the job interview.

  • Research Tactics

    A thorough research technique to help you understand the job role and responsibilities, industry, company, organization or team.

  • Personal Branding

    A process to discover and develop your personal brand to focus on the job interview, and a simple way to craft your elevator pitch.

  • Preparation Techniques

    Various ways to prepare for the job interview aside from the traditional "Wear a Nice Suit" advice.

  • Bonus Chapter Fine Tuning your Personal Brand

    In depth personal branding tips and tactics to help fine tune your personal brand.

  • Bonus Chapter on Salary Negotiation

    A salary negotiation that includes proven tips from world reknown experts on salary negotiation and personal finance.

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This e-book offers job seekers essential information for securing their desired job. Usman Uddin shares specifics of how to improve your online presence, prepare for the next interview, and how to create a lasting impression in order to be hired. The final chapter offers tips on how to negotiate an improved salary. This book is a quick read and should be read so you, too, may crush the job interview!
Elinor Stutz
Inspirational Speaker, Author
As an owner of an HR Recruiting & Consulting firm, I continually had to prepare my consultants for the interview process. We performed multiple mock interviews to help them crush the interview with prospective clients. This book sums it all up in 40 pages. It is perfect for young job seekers. Regardless of your career level this book is a great read to help you brush up on your interview skills. I love the personal branding bonus chapter and in the competitive consulting arena it is truly powerful!
Amazon Reviewer
Having recently been on the job trail, I can vouch for the efficacy of the techniques the author outlines in this wonderful job search tool. The insights he gives required for a successful interview are must reads for any job seeker at any level. These lessons are the true insider understanding of what todays companies want in their hires. Excellent Resource.
Amazon Reviewer
This is practical advice from a pro. Every professional can benefit from Mr Uddin's insights and guidance. Well worth the read.
Amazon Reviewer
Clear, concise and finally a book that's applicable to the real-world. I followed the process in this book and I have to say, I definitely felt much more prepared for my interview, which helped me stay calm through the whole ordeal. Tremendously helpful!
Amazon Reviewer
This e-book is great for job seekers! I know several people that have used this successully! And loved it! Recommended!
Amazon Reviewer

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A word from the Author

I am a senior IT strategy and modernization consultant to the federal government. I have served in senior management positions for some of the world's greatest companies including Deloitte LLP, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Dell Perot Systems. For over 10+ years, I have hired exceptional talent while working for these companies and have accumulated expertise for job interviews.

I've used this knowledge and experience to help me crush job interviews. I was inspired to write this e-book because of the many job seekers and college students who I have mentored and advised over the years specifically for job interviewing. I quickly realized that college students and job seekers are not always prepared to crush job interviews, which could lead to them not winning job offers.

Instead of advising people individually, I packaged all my tactics for crushing job interviews together into this e-book.

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